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How many times have you ended up paying huge sums of money to your car dealership? What if we told you, that you could have saved all that money, simply by switching over to Ortega Farms FL Locksmith Store? Sounds unbelievable? In over a decade of our service in area, we’ve observed that car owners tend to trust their vehicular locks and keys to dealerships. They don’t opt for dealerships for their incredible quality, pricing or response, but they do so because they believe that they’re the only ones that can handle the issue. Ortega Farms FL Locksmith Store is here to clear up that misconception. Read on:

Why can a locksmith do for my car?

Ortega Farms FL Locksmith Store Jacksonville, FL 904-601-3984If it’s related to your vehicle’s locks and keys, then the answer is everything. Locksmiths are trained in multiple domains, so if they can address issues with the locks on your door, there are also automotive locksmiths that can fix your car lock with equal ease. Right from cutting new keys to unlocking the trunk, to programming transponder keys, locksmiths can do just about everything. Experienced automotive locksmiths can also fix issues with the car’s ignition, craft ignition keys and replace the cylinder/switch. Above all, they do so at a price that doesn’t equal to half of what your dealership would charge. Moreover, the waiting times are drastically reduced – what takes dealer days or weeks, will take a locksmith minutes or hours.

Where do I find an automotive locksmith?

That’s the tricky part. With so many locksmithing agencies cropping up in area, finding a locksmith that you can entrust your car’s locks and keys with can be quite a challenge. While they might claim to provide automotive services, you don’t want to be disappointed later upon realizing that they’ve no clue what they’re doing. With advancements in technology and increased consumer demand, cars these days are equipped with newer and improved locks. The locksmith you hire may or may not be aware of the lock type on your car. For this reason, you need to look for experienced automotive locksmiths who can handle any issue with absolute dexterity.

Why we are the right choice?

Our team of well-trained automotive locksmiths is fully-equipped to handle your concerns. Be it lost keys, new lock installations, transponder key creation, re-keying, laser keys, trunk unlocking or ignition repair, complex or simple, we are highly qualified and trained to meet all your needs. We fix your issues right, and we fix it right the first time. With a trained team of automotive locksmiths at the helm and a huge fleet of mobile vans backing us up, we can provide onsite solutions within minutes.

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